Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post-Clerkship Career Options

Post and share anonymous comments regarding post-clerkship options you've considered, explored, or accepted.


  1. I am clerking for a federal district judge now and will begin a clerkship for a federal circuit judge later this month. The firm I worked for as a summer associate is in big trouble and is in a city that no longer appeals to me. I am interested to see whether the blogosphere has ideas for post-clerkship jobs that would make sense.

  2. What does a federal magistrate clerkship tend to lead to, options-wise?

  3. I clerked for a MJ in the SDNY. Of the other MJ clerks I knew, two went to clerk for DJ's in either SDNY or EDNY. One went to clerk in the 3rd circuit. Several went to Biglaw firms. Me and others went into public interest work, getting positions that we really wanted (I had my pick of 3 out of the 4 places I wanted to work). It might be different for MJ clerks not in courts like SDNY and EDNY.